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Welcome to the MagiC Documentation Project.

This idea originally came from Guy Harrison following a discussion in the newsgroup.

You can cut straight to the docs themselves - though you should read the disclaimer as you go past. Those of you who want to know about the translation need to read the rest of this page!

For a long time, many programmers complained that there were no programming docs for MagiC in English, and the MagiC author (Andreas Kromke) didn't have the time to do his own translation. The idea behind this site was to make available the German docs in easily-digestible (and downloadable) chunks for people to translate as and when they had the time and inclination. I myself have no German worth speaking of and I'm not a programmer either, so my role in this was purely as host for the pages and co-ordinator (where necessary) for the results of what was originally envisaged as a "community project".

Dr Kromke kindly gave permission to go ahead with the project, and supplied the docs for the latest version of MagiC available at the time (1999): 6.10. He asked us to respect the following conditions:

the game plan

The original idea for a "community project" approach didn't take off, however Peter West of TransAction took up the cudgels and has translated the entire archive. His efforts have resulted in several corrections to the original German texts (approved by Dr Kromke), hence the updated German archive now available.


I feel the need to point out the following for the benefit of any silly litigious persons.

Use of any material from this site implies acceptance of the following disclaimer: if you don't like the terms, don't use any of the material.

You use the material on this site at your own risk: translations are as accurate as possible and the German originals are as supplied by their author or modified by agreement with him. However, no-one can guarantee these files to be entirely error-free, and they are offered as is, free for the benefit of the Atari community. None of the contributors to this project are liable for any damage to data, software or hardware resulting from the use of any of this material.

the docs

You can download the English-language archive here:

You can download the German-language archive here:

Please note: The original German archive was missing a couple of folders and some minor corrections have been made, as a result of translation.

the contributors

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with this project: